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A little thing my hubby does...?

My husband kisses my hand quite a bit, also my lips, but he kisses my hand alot, like while we're in the car, on the couch, in bed, about to leave one another etc....he'll just reach over, grab my hand and kiss it. I love it, I think its adorable. I'm just curious, what does that mean. If you're a man and you kiss a womans hand, what emotion is crossing your mind?

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    I'm not a man but here's a thought anyway - he enjoys seeing you as his princess, and himself as the prince lucky enough to have won your hand. So emotionally hes enjoying feeling strong and lucky and courageous and blessed, all because he won (and keeps) your love and affection. How lovely for you both! :)

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    Different cultures teach people to show affection in different ways. Also, your social status could play a part in how affection is shown, at home or in public.

    It would be my guess that it's a very sweet gesture, and you should be proud that he loves you enough to be driving and reach over and get your hand and kiss it. That's too sweet. You GO girl.

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    Looks like he has a 'gentleman' personality. My husband usually kisses my cheek to express thankfulness, or to leave to work etc

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    It seems obvious that he loves you and it's an expression of affection. Certainly is not dislike don't you think?

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    if I were a lady I,d rather have him kissing my vagina,,if you think kissing your hand is adorable,,get him wearing your panties and you,ll see him want to please your every thought

    Source(s): pls read hope alexanders hub,,,you,ll understand yhe power panties have o a straight male
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    i think its just being caring and romantic

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    he's being romantic stop overthinking this .

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