Help with boyfriend problems?

Okay, so i have an amazing boyfriend. He picks me up from work everyday, he cooks dinner almost every night, he helps out around the house, and he is very generous when it comes to buying things that i may want or need. The only issue is that he is often very stressed and doesn't show a lot of compassion and tenderness. He also has major back problems and is often in pain. This causes him to get a little mean from time to time. Sometimes when i wan't to talk to him about something, he'll make me feel very small. I know he doesn't mean to, and i shouldn't take it personally, but it's hard being around someone who is always too stressed to show affection, even though he DOES treat me like a queen in almost every other way...

To make matters worse, i often feel like i take him for granted. He is so good to me! I don't wan't to be angry at the fact that i feel like he ignores me a lot of the time and has a short fuse, but it hurts.

What should i do?


I just want to add that i KNOW that he loves me, and he tells me so everyday... He also tells me that i'm beautiful, and when i do something like serve him breakfast in bed, he is so appreciative. There are moments from time to time when he's very affectionate, like he used to be. He has a lot on his mind, and i just don't know how to help...

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  • 7 years ago
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    No, you are too good for him. It is only his manipulative ways that have got you thinking otherwise. You don't need a maid, just a loving boyfriend.

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