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If you are not satisfied with a doctor you went to for the first time can you get a refund?

I visited a orthopedic doctor for the first time today for lower back problems and was not satisfied at all! He did not spend more than 5 minutes with me and handed me a generic piece of paper about how to take care of your back and certain exercises to do. The major thing is that i cant do any of the exercises knowing they will cause me to "throw out" my back. I am very fit and have about 7% body fat. This to me seems like a quick way to dismiss my concerns cause my x-rays showed nothing abnormal. Now he did ask me to go get a MRI and come back for a followup, but to be honest at this point I don't want to go back! Is there a way to dispute the bill or get a refund just like most other things in life? I work in retail and people come in all the time because they are not satisfied with the product or services they agreed to pay for. I am wondering if there is anything like this for doctors?

Thanks for the help!

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    The doctor will not give you a refund, because you actually saw him and he provided a service, a service that you are dissatisfied with.

    You are under no obligation to get that MRI, or to return to him.

    Select and visit another orthopedic professional. Tell the staff when you schedule the appointment that you want the doctor to spend some time with you and 'listen' to your complaints. Ask that they schedule a minimum of 15 minutes, which should be the new patient minimum for all doctors.

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