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Online dating?? etc.?

ok, so i don't want to go on a dating site. But I'm in a point in my life where i'm feeling lonely. I think I might need a significant other. So, can you tell me how can i? lol

If there's anyone interested, here's some information about me.

I'm 18 years old, I live in the Caribbean (Grenada to be exact)

I'm petite in size; 5ft 3'' and 112 pounds.

I looooove Ed Sheeran, I'm in college btw, last yr. Studying languages, however, i want to become an orthodontist or actress. Although the latter seems almost

I'm a pretty spontaneous person, live life to the fullest and yh...if you're interested you can message me for my instagram and/or facebook.

Oh, and I like tall guys (not too tall), built and handsome. I'm not racist any race feel free to message me :) I don't mind a transgender girl either ;) Hey!! Don't judge me!! I think it's time to spice up my life. Maybe it's time for u too :D (Ages 17 to 23 please, if u're older there might be an exception) my email is

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    you may be better to go to a site where you can access chat rooms for free --- for all the negative hype online dating works --- it does not matter if you are looking for a partner a lover something exotic or mundane there will be someone there for you ---- as far as giving your details here??? i dont think its a good idea ---- and ill pass thank you while i do not believe that age matters in romance i will still pass as being far too old :)) --- have fun

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    before everything those are purely words the lads probable can spell they do no longer experience like chatting with somebody is the comparable as writting an essay that is going to be greater comfortable.the folk on relationship sites are interior the comparable place as you they probable don't have time, had undesirable dates and think of on line is greater trouble-free considering the fact that they comprehend something approximately them , and might't get dates the two they are shy or no longer that reliable finding and what no longer.I additionally think of you have your standards way too intense for on line relationship and particularly for a unfastened one I extraordinarily doubt you're that pleasing too the girls on relationship sites are way too in to themselves no ask your self why they might't discover love or a magnificent guy by no skill returned will I be on them i'm no longer a gruesome guy I even have been instructed i'm pleasing via countless women human beings i'm in great shape, tall reliable character I consistently get fats chicks and black chicks don't comprehend why.nicely that isn't any longer for each individual i assume in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it is the comparable the two techniques there is pleasing human beings each and every from time to time too nicely reliable success.

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