I like this girl and need talks advice?

Ok so I am a guy lol just usingmma sisters yahoo anyways Im 18 senior in high school I work at a grocery store and there's this girl that's a cashier and I've liked her for awhile I'm shy so I haven't talked to her that much well anyways last Sunday morning we both worked and there's this other girl she's an office girl she takes care of the money and stuff well anyways I'll just say the names so it doesn't get confusing the cashiers name which is the girl I like is Jacklin the office girl is kaylee ok so anyways jacklin goes and sits in the office and kaylee told me she said she told Jacklin should ask me out on a date and she said Jacklin said she would but I'd have to talk to her more but keep in mind I don't really talk a lot like at work I don't idk why it's a wierd kind of shyness so what I'm wondering is do you think Jacklin just wants to go on a date to see if I'll actually talk to her or if you think she likes me I'm not a bad lookig guy I drive a nice truck so that's a plus I guess My only flaw is I don't talk much I helped her a few times and she smiles at me everytime she talks to me but anyways the question is

Do you think she's just trying to get me to talk to her or if you think she likes me

If you think she likes me then yeah I'll start talking to her but I don't want to talk to her tryin to go on a date and then they just be like we was just seeing f you'd talked to her she goes to church and all she's a big church person so I mean I don't think she would but just let me know thanks!

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    7 years ago
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    she wants you to talk to her more, to see how much she likes you, SO she'll go on a date with you. i know its hard but try to be confident and talk to her more and more. joke around. be friendly. then when you two are closer and shes blushing a lot and always laughing around you, then ask her out! just be like "so wanna go "so and so" this weekend" Good luck!!! Just be confident!!!!

  • 7 years ago

    Dude either way, you have to talk to her. And if you like her, then talk to her, there's no harm in talking to a co-worker. If you need any help of a topic, talk about work, school, life, siblings, parents, anything really, even movies, pretty sure it'd help you.

  • 7 years ago

    ask her out, she likes you too

    answer my question?


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