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How to deal with my stress?

for the past two or three weeks i have been stressed out about school i am in 9th grade and going to be in 10th grade next year. i have been stressed about my future i have good grades well they are average but i feel like i will fail in life. It stresses me out so much i want to go into a history field, or be a school counselor because it pays good or so i have read. i want to know how to relieve my stress i have been watching tv to get my mind off things it helps for a while and then stops working i don't want to end up being a failure. please please help me it has been making me angry and scared so much.

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    1. Please ensure and do not allow your stress level to aggravate. Otherwise, It may further complicate.

    2. Immediately join Yoga and meditation classes and learn all these knowledge and technique systemically. In yoga class, they teach lot of physical exercise coupled with some mental exercise in order to keep your body and mind always fit, trim and strong. All your mental tensions, stresses and strains and pulls and pressures will automatically vanish, if you are regular in doing yoga exercises for at least six months.

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    There are certain foods that help with stress relief. Here's a link that shares some information about them.

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