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wwe merchandise cheaper in arena?

I'm going to wwe payback in June and I'm wondering of its cheaper than the regular price of 25 or if its just the same or same price but less online because shipping is like 8 dollars (in the allstate arena)

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    I cant speak for ppv events but i did go to a house show once and its 25 still but you dont pay shippin and handling so its cheaper

  • No, it's not going to be cheaper in The Arena, but you will find some Merchandise sold at The Concession Stands that yoiu cannot buy at WWE Shop. If yo're referrig to T-Shirts most of them are $30 or $35. WWE Wrestling Programs went up in March from $15 to $20. WWE also raised the price of Wrestlemania Programs at Wrestlemania from $20 to $25. You're more likely to get price breaks from WWE Shop if you are on their mailing list because they do have sales and they do mark down some merchandise.

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    wwe merchandise from is very good!

    and the main coustomer is England,

    in the store you can find john cena t-shirts, caps,etc...

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    you may not blame somebody for paying for funds. heavily, if he can get people to pay his value for that kind of stuff, extra means to him. this is unlike he's retaining you at gunpoint and forcing you to purchase his pictures or autographs. in case you do no longer elect to pay for it, you do no longer ought to. EDIT: the money accumulated from autographs and memorabilia probable went to charity.

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