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Black mollies and peppered cory catfish ? Need advice.?

I got black mollies (2) and peppered Cory catfish (2). The two new mollies got sick / died and I got another mollie and he got sick too.

Why do they keep getting sick ?

The temperature is at a constant of 80-81 degrees F,

Anyone know what is going on here ?

I don't over feed them and the tank is clean. Please help.

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    That's a pretty high temperature, though that might not be the cause. Try lowering it though, closer to 78ish.

    How are they dying? Are they bloating up? Getting white spots all over them (kinda looking like grains of salt)? Is there fungus/fluffy stuff on them?

    What is your tank setup like? Could be the tank is too small, or there's too many other fish, etc.

    Lastly Mollies ARE brackish fish so sometimes they just don't thrive in straight freshwater... most of the time they're okay but sometimes you can get a bad batch that just refuse to live :(

    Also as a side note, please get more cories! They are a schooling fish and the more you have, the happier they'll be.

    Source(s): Years of fishkeeping experience
  • luby
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    4 years ago

    Sounds extremely solid i might save a watch on the crimson tailed shark. How some couple of butterfly plecs (hill bypass loaches) stay small super algae eaters, get those once you have some algae coming.

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    There must be a small microorganism causing their deaths. Personally, I'd completely wash it out totally and fresh everything, and try to wash off the remaining fish in a clean bowl of water a few times. (keep transferring it to a new tub of water with the required conditions a few times before putting it in the freshly cleaned tank) This is all you can do really, and hope for the best.

    Source(s): This has happened twice. Once I was too late, the other one was already sick and going, but the other time I caught it in time and it is still alive today.
  • 4 years ago

    Sounds quite sturdy i might shop an eye fixed on the crimson tailed shark. How a pair of couple of butterfly plecs (hill circulation loaches) stay small great algae eaters, get those once you have some algae coming.

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    They are right

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