DIY mug wont work out?! Sharpie keeps fading off?

Okay, so I am trying to make a DIY mug for mother's day. I used the usual coffee mug, drew on it with normal sharpies, and tried baking is at 350 degrees F for 30 min. I took out the mug and let it cool and all, but when i rubbed my finge along the cup, the marker had some resistance, but came off eventually. so i reapplied the design. this time, i baked it at 425 for 30 min. the same thing happened as last time... rubbed the surface, and it came off. DOes anybody know how I can prevent this from happening? Once again, i used a regular white porcelain coffee mug, regular sharpies, and baked it at different temperatures. I want the mug to seal in the design so my mother can use it and wash it without the design rubbing off. thanks!


you aren't allowed to put any "clear coat" of any kind because the sharpie will run off :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Use paint intended to be permanent on porcelain. Sharpie is not meant to be permanent on hard surfaces. There's one made by Pebeo, and Martha Stewart also has a line of it. You can buy it in a pen form. You apply the paint, then bake it. After that, it's dishwasher proof. Michaels craft stores around here sell the Martha Stewart one.

  • 7 years ago

    may be try putting a clear coat on it before baking then, bake it for the 30 min in the oven

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