How did you ace your job interview?

Before you got the job, What did you wear? do you remember important questions? im nervous for my first interview!

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  • 7 years ago
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    It depends on the job you are interviewing for. Honestly, I've been offered a job with every company I've ever interviewed with. Questions can be random and different interviewers ask different questions. Remember to be confident and smile but don't over-sell yourself. Be honest about your abilities and show a willingness to learn. Be on time for the interview or a little early and do a teeth and breathe check before going in. Have a firm handshake and make good eye contact. Answer the questions directly and don't carry-on with more info than is requested.

    Image is everything! Remember that an interview is not an occasion to dress casually or trendy. That means no leggings, cropped pants, shorts, skinny pants or jeans of any kind. Pants should always have flared legs and be full length to the floor with your shoes on. Only the toes of your shoes should be visible. Closed toed dress pumps are recommended, nothing trendy and no open toes. Heels should be between 3 and 4 inches high. Platforms are fine. Flats are too casual unless the interview is with a very casual company, then ballet flats are acceptable. But never for a professional job. A blouse is proper for your top. No exposed shoulders or cleavage. If you choose a skirt, the length should be at the knee or a little above and the slit should not be too high. Long skirts are not appropriate. No bare legs with a skirt. Pantyhose must be worn with a skirt always for an interview. Choose a nude or light beige shade but no black. Black hose are for evenings only. If you hate pantyhose, just wear pants. Hair should be pulled away from your face. Makeup should be worn but no evening looks. Go easy on the eye makeup. Don't wear a strong perfume and not too much jewelry. One of the things most people ignore for an interview are their fingernails. You will be meeting people and shaking hands. Nails are always noticed. Make sure they are clean and well groomed and either have a clear polish or a regular nail color like red, pink or a french manicure. No trendy colors like black or purple. Acrylic nails are okay if you have them but nails should be nice and short. Looking professional will automatically cause you to go into the interview with more confidence.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    Source(s): My interview experience.
  • 4 years ago

    Do's: Do arrive early, in expert dresses, neat, sparkling. Do have a resume and canopy letter with out grammatical or typographical blunders. Do shake the hand of the interviewer, no longer a muscle grip or a limp fish. Do maintain eye touch, yet concentration for 3 seconds on the attention, then pass to a various portion of the face, and then back (so which you do'nt seem such as you're staring). concentration on how your previous adventure will help you - be arranged to ask why you opt to alter careers so previous due interior the interest. anticipate basically a sprint of "age discrimination", so tension the style you anticipate to be doing this for the subsequent 10 - 15 years. Expound on how your adventure dealing with people in SSA and your wisdom of government businesses will shrink the preparation you will require. Get your pc skills up as much as now - understand MS-word, IE, Excel - examine some articles so which you recognize the jargon. in the event that they ask you a question you do no longer understand the respond to, repeat the question to them and ask for clarification - do no longer say "i do no longer understand" - and while you're quite stumped (perhaps some lingo you're no longer attentive to) ingredient out the aspects you do understand and answer that portion of the question. in the event that they ask for you weak spot, say that usually, on account which you opt to get the artwork carried out, you ought to stay a sprint after artwork, and in some places of work others sense indignant - basically approximately make your "worst" weak spot appear like a power. My very own one is that I kind so quickly (approximately one hundred twenty wpm), that usually the clattering of my pc annoys others around me, so I consistently attempt to get a real quiet keyboard.

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