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I feel like my memory is getting much worse help!!?

So I'm 17 and consider myself a very responsible teenager however lately I've been forgetting to do lots of things. I keep forgetting my retainer in the bathroom and taking my bike in and everything, little stuff like that. However, my parents don't look at me the same way because I'm forgetting things more often. Please, how can I improve my memory?

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    Join gymnastics. Request the coach. First tell him your genuine problems. Learn all the techniques from the coach. Daily practice one dozen somersault in the morning and one dozen somersault in the evening. You will gain good memory. Some exercise is required for the brain portion in the head.

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    Anxiety and stress release a chemical called cortisone that blocks the memory. The more you worry about your memory and other things in life, the more you will have difficulty remembering. The reason anxiety works this way is that it's an animal instinct designed to keep us safe. If you were in a really dangerous situation, you would not want to think about what to do (i.e., use your memory), you would simply want to react. When you worry, your fooling your body into thinking it's in danger, and that in turn affects your memory. Do exercise, listen to calming music, drink herbal tea, learn to meditate, just relax, and your memory will be fine!

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    Here is a video that helped me out a lot! It's only 4 minutes so give it a watch!

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