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Obama leave for respect or made for remove on the law?

I make this question.

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    Hmm, my wild guess is something I pray will never happen.

    The worst scenario: he could pull a Reichtag, a fake terrorist attack like Hitler did. He maybe might even arrange a fake assassination attempt take place that kills Michelle instead, or one of his bodyguards. Or hits him in the head but he miraculously recovers from the wound.

    He could then set in motion the cogs of martial law that he has already set up.

    I hope not, but he could import UN soldiers to American neighborhoods and have them gather up everyone's weapons. The UN soldiers would impose the UN law, not US law. UN law says we have no right to bear arms for self defense. They can shoot to kill those who resist or claim they don't have guns when they suspect they might.

    People could be murdered under the pretense they were resisting arrest. Foreigners and immigrants will be hired over Americans as soldiers who will be in charge of re-education camps. They will be given the homes of people sent to the "Fema" camps to live in.

    I hope not but they might torture and starve those who say out loud they don't like what is happening under the upcoming fascist regime. And no one will even know, once they shut down the internet and the cell phone towers.

    It is likely that no one will receive a pay check under his martial law because we owe so much to other nations. Perhaps, lieu of money, everyone who is on his good list might receive food stamps and housing in exchange for forced labor.

    The Department Of Homeland Security Is Buying 450 Million New ...

    [Mar 28, 2012] The Department Of Homeland Security Is Buying 450 Million ... This refers to the the bullet's hollow ... sturm ruger can not even fill the orders ... - Cached

    Why Is Homeland Security Buying 450 Million Rounds of Hollow ...

    Why Is Homeland Security Buying 450 Million Rounds ... 450 Million Rounds of Hollow Point Bullets? ... of 200 million hollow points. The order may ... - Cached

    John Brennan could be unleashed to terrorize Americans in suburban neighborhoods they way he did to innocent civilians in Iraq and Pakistan. Brennan, a Muslim convert. to replace Petraus as CIA director. Yes, a Muslim convert may be in charge of flying 30,000 drones over America. He says he will fire on Americans and he didn't say he would fire on them only if they were terrorists.

    Mr. O has so many bodyguards at this time that he might as well have his own private militia. He makes the orders to the Homeland Security who he has placed 'devout Muslims' into positions where they have access to sensitive internal information. HLS has been arming with more hollow point bullets than there are people in America.

    Either Mr. O. could become the proverbial Big Brother or he will set the stage for who ever comes next to be our Big Brother, and John McCain or Romney will be just as bad as he is or worse, according to the stands

    they have taken thus far.

    People with these disorders have intense, unstable emotions, and a distorted self image. Individuals with Narcissistic Personality disorder crave the limelight, and expect others to recognize them as superior, special or unique. They make a good first impression with other people, however this is not typically maintained because, their drive is compulsive, and their vision rarely grounded in reality and their human relations a calamity

    The exact cause of narcissistic personality disorder is not known. However, many mental health professionals believe it results from extremes in child rearing. . Pathological narcissism is thought to be the result of a prolonged period of severe abuse by primary caregivers, peers or authority figures. Lack of empathy is an important feature of the narcissist. Some thought though, cite that narcissistic personality disorder is a learned behavior and that it has no clinical basis. One thing for certain, is that all agree that one that suffers from Narcissistic Personality Order should never hold public office.

    Obama claims he used to be Barry Soetero who was under the care of a transvestite for about six years when he was in Indonesia. His mother deprived him of a father and also yanked him away from his adopted father. She dumped him on white grandparents he barely knew and flew off to live at the Karachi Hilton in Pakistan where he would visit her summers.

    After arriving in Chicago an investigator insists he has dug up 58 different addresses that Obama has used and the SS number he uses has about 9 different names associated to it.

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    Made for removal on the law.

  • 4 years ago

    am i able to have a number of what you're smoking? It feels like some appropriate high quality dank! before everything, the eastern DID attack Pearl Harbor, and in case you think of in any different case, then you extremely are as intense as a kite. Now, perhaps President Roosevelt knew with reference to the eastern plan formerly and did no longer something to stop it, yet Japan nonetheless carried it out and have been subsequently to blame. As conniving because of the fact the U. S. government may well be, I nonetheless don't have self assurance that they might carry out an attack on their own countrymen, extremely because of the fact it would be the militia that carried it out, no longer the government officers. to boot, i actually do no longer think of that a central authority that can no longer even stability a funds ought to accomplish certainly one of those masterful plan, then persuade all and sundry that it became into Islamic terrorists, AND save all and sundry "interior the comprehend" quiet approximately it for see you later.

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    If he doesn't leave office we should remove him BY FORCE.

    Subhuman n*gger doesn't even deserve to be a citizen.

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    7 years ago

    I think he will quit like hillary did before the bomb hits.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Obama gorilla mate he did.

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