Traveling to Europe and taking my bicycle with me?

Hi folks, I was here before, I asked questions and got some very positive and helpful answers! :-) So here i am again, wise people out there... I am planning on traveling to Europe this summer, France precisely. I have a bicycle that I love so very much. I'm in love with my bike! :-) I don't want to leave it behind. Anyone has info or tips as far as the cost if I take my airplane ticket and travel with my bicycle? Thank you so much folks for taking the time... :-)

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    7 years ago
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    That is an interesting dilemma. I would expect that taking the bike apart and packing it in an original box, like when it was new, would be your cheapest option, and take it as baggage. You can probably get a suitable box at a bike shop and you can pack your hand tools in it. Otherwise it is subject to damage and loss. The baggage handling system can deal much better with a box, and it will be slightly smaller. They will charge you for this, but it's probably less than just shipping it.

    Source(s): Retired USPS
  • 4 years ago

    you will discover maximum trains very accomodating besides the incontrovertible fact that on some you are able to might desire to preserve your bike a distance out of your seat. It is clever to no longer be wheeling a bike down the aisles. working example, Holland is a bicycling u . s ., and there are larger areas to preserve your bike close to the doorways. seek for automobiles that are bicycle "friendly". some inter-intra city lines discourage motorcycles at top hours different than the place explicitly allowed. you will discover it very complicated,if no longer impossible, to hold a bike on a tram in Amsterdam. yet, I even have seen it finished, lots to the chagrin of alternative passengers.

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