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Is otome cheating? (Online dating games)?

My girlfriend plays online dating games for girls,mycandylove, sims (not too worried about), and watches a lot of romance magna. We have been together for nearly 3 years, and I find these on her computer every few days.

I know the basics, but I really try to stay away from excessive virtual entertainment.

What I know is that you go through the game trying to flirt with virtual guys and interact with them.

What I don't know is whether or not I should be worried that she may crave these interactions when I leave in September for military enlistment.

I am seriously not a gamer, and I don't want to ask her because I didn't even know that there were games out there like that.

Overall, should I be concerned that she is looking for online dating games?

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    I think you're really going about this the wrong way. Lots of people play dating games because they think that they're fun. It's not because she's lusting after any of the characters. Also, people that aren't good at games will often play these because they want to play games, but may not be coordinated enough for something like a shooter.

    You should be more worried about whether she's trustworthy. Is she a liar? Is she always hiding stuff or hanging up the phone quickly, or answering questions with very vague answers while she's on the phone?

    If she was talking to real people that would be different, but she's probably playing the games because she has time and she's bored and she probably likes them.

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    September you must be enlisting into the marines? It's only a game man that would be like a dude who loves call of duty a shooting game and plans on killing people strategicly wouldn't worry about it but it'll be interesting after you get stationed while going to school you should be able to make phone calls not too sure how many but I kno you get one for sure in the beginning of it

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    he seems pretty insensitive to say that to you, tell him in an email either he takes that down and stops looking for women or its over and mean it or else it proves hes a player. If you truly love someone surely you can wait a few mths and be faithful. Wish you luck.

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