Combat MOS when the war is dwindling?

If i were to join a combat mos after high school, do you think there would be a point? Im a sophomore and only have 10 days of school left. I graduate in 2 years. Would there be a point in enlisting into a combat mos even after the war is over by then?

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    7 years ago
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    There is always peace keeping missions like Bosnia and they can be like a warzone as well.

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    Your initial MOS is a starting point. As you gain skill and experience you may change to others that are not open to soldiers in their first tour.

    After you get in and learn the basic skills you may find there are specialties you wish to learn so you choose a school in that MOS instead of schools in the combat MOS.

    A career in the military is a progression of jobs and schools. As an Army officer I first went to Signal Officer Basic as a 2LT. Because of changes I went to Armor Officer Advanced Course a few years later to become qualified for promotion to CPT and MAJ. After I made MAJ I went to Command and General Staff College to be qualified for promotion to LTC.

    Enlisted troops have leadership schools as well as MOS specialty schools, so you will be attending several over the course of the years.

    But your question about the number of jobs in the military after the Reduction In Force (RIF) when we bring everybody home?

    Sorry, I don't have a crystal ball. Almost every Reserve Officer commissioned the same year as I (1972) was released from Active Duty at the end of their obligation during the Post Vietnam RIF. For years before the Army had kept many reserve officers on active duty due to the size of the Army during VN. When it was over they sent all of us back to the reserves. There were also RIF's after the fall of the USSR and two or three others.

    No one can predict what Congress will tell the military their mission and budget is, and until the Army knows they don't know how many of what kind of active duty troops they will need and the same for the Reserves.

    Source(s): 30 years Army Reserve service
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    7 years ago

    In the 24 years I have been in the US Army so far there has been....


    Gulf War/Desert Storm







    As well as a host of ongoing peacekeeping and support operations around the globe

    So just because the current one is ending doesn't mean another will not pop up fact chances are it will

    Source(s): Me, 24 years in the US Army so far
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    just where do you think the combat arms soldiers come from, when we get involved in a conflict ?

    where do you think the NCO's come from ?

    from soldiers who have been in the service for years

    It takes around 2 years of being in the service, before your considered to know what your doing

    and that's for a basic rifleman

    of course NCO's need much more experience

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