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Is otome cheating? (Online dating games?)?

My girlfriend plays online dating games for girls,mycandylove, sims (not too worried about), and watches a lot of romance magna. We have been together for nearly 3 years, and I find these on her computer every few days.

I know the basics, but I really try to stay away from excessive virtual entertainment.

What I know is that you go through the game trying to flirt with virtual guys and interact with them.

What I don't know is whether or not I should be worried that she may crave these interactions when I leave in September for military enlistment.

I am seriously not a gamer, and I don't want to ask her because I didn't even know that there were games out there like that.

Overall, should I be concerned that she is looking for online dating games?

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    Personally, I see cause for concern there- not because she might go find someone, but because she's finding some of her romance in a computer and not in you. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you have every right to tell her :)

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