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Are neurologists against psychiatrists? If so, why?

I'm a 22 year old female. I have depression and anxiety disorder. I'm taking zoloft, buspar, zolphidem for insomnia, and ativan once in while. When I told my neurologist of what I was taking he said "You are too young to be taking so many pills'' He also said "you are going to end uo dead if you continue to take medications. When I have a migraine my neurologist told me not to take any pain killers. Is also bad for me.

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    I wouldn't say they are against each other, but they do focus on different things (obviously). When you are taking several meds it does make things challenging. Ideally you want to lessen the need for meds. Often when depression and anxiety are the issues, counselling of some kind is needed in combination with medication to figure out the source of the anxiety and depression. I think it's fair to be concerned about the potential long term effects of medications and to be cautious about how they are used.

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