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Losing my virginity tomorrow?

Alright guys this is a serious question, please no rude answers or "You're too young" comments... This is a serious question and I really need help.

Okay so i'm 15, and me and my friend(Hes 16) decides to have sex when we hang out tomorrow. I'm a virgin and he's not, and we have condoms and stuff, and i want to have sex with him but i dont think im 100% ready, but i'm still gonna do it... He wants me to be on top and being a virgin, i have no idea what to do. He offered to be on top if it would make me more comfortable, but i declined, because i feel like i'd be suffocating under him. But anyways... When im on top and hes inside me what do i do? Like is there a specific way i should move or anything? All help is greatly appreciated <3

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    You obviously aren't ready if you don't know what to do. If you don't feel comfortable asking him for advice, you really shouldn't be subjecting yourself to this. Since he's older, he could just be manipulating you, and you can end up feeling abused. It almost sounds like he's talked you into it and you aren't interested in it the same way he is. Don't let your first time be with a friend just because he said its a good idea.

    You said yourself that you aren't ready. So wait. Wait for someone you care deeply about.

    Trust me. Sex is so much better if you have a deep emotional connection. If not you'll likely feel empty and alone after he cums and runs out the door.

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    Would you go bungee-jumping if you didn't feel ready for it? Would you do anything dangerous, as a matter of fact, if you weren't ready? Would you have sex with a stranger?

    I want you to take these questions seriously. What you are asking is for people to not only ignore the fact that you openly admit to not being ready to have sex, but also to help you do something that may severely harm you emotionally and possibly physically. It's not even about age right now; if you do not feel ready then you shouldn't do it, regardless of what the activity is. If I didn't feel comfortable with playing a game of baseball I wouldn't because what would the point of that be? Why put yourself at risk if you're not even entirely sure you want to? You've probably heard, all your life, that you are supposed to wait, that you are too young, that you are not ready, that you'll regret it, that it's supposed to be this super magical experience or whatever. But you want to discover for yourself the answers to the questions you have. I get that. But I've also been the one to make mistakes, to jump before looking, to do things I wasn't comfortable with and then regret it later. So it really comes down to whether or not you are willing to learn from the wisdom people are trying so desperately to teach you. After all, it's not like we're trying to keep you from living. We're trying to warn you about doing something that might hurt you or lead to something that will change your life forever, and not always in a good way. After all, we were all fifteen once. We all heard the same things you are hearing. Some of use listened and some of us didn't.

    You let me know if you're still set on doing this.

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    I'm going to agree with the others, it sounds like you aren't truly comfortable, and you should be for something like this. You really, truly should be. That being said, I'll give you advice from a guys perspective.

    As a guy, we love women, and their bodies. The way you smell, feel, look, sound, everything. If you are going to be on top, go with what feels good to you, this is going to be your day, your moment. Instinct should take over. Aside from that, look him in the eyes, kiss him, straddle him, and put your hand on his chest. Take him inside of you slowly, and just grind your hips against him in a way that feels good to you. You don't need to bounce like crazy like a pornstar, you don't need to go fast and hard if you don't want to. Do what comes naturally to you, everyone has their own way of doing things.

    Some girls are more passive, others aren't, and guys are the same. I've been with girls that like to be bit, spanked, choked, etc and others that like to be pampered and caressed only. Even the girls like that like it rough like to be pampered and caressed too though. You'll find what you want, how you want it, and when you want, but it's going to be a long road to walk that continues as you age, changes, and grows.

    Again though, make sure you are ready. That you are sure you want to do this. You have your whole life to take that next step, and things change when you do, you change.

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    Since you have said not to comment on your age, etc, I'll straight a way go to answer how it would be done. As your friend is already experienced, he would guide you into the game. Whether you are under or top, you would automatically move up and down when your are fully aroused and he is inside you. If you are under you tend to push your bottom up and want him to go deep inside you . If you are on top you would jump up and down and take in his organ as much as you can. These are not taught, they come automatically.

    Whatever said and done, I never appreciate sex before marriage irrespective of age.

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    You really are too young and you should wait..

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