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I need my hair to look like a guy?

I have a play coming up where I (a girl) am playing the part of guy as we did not have enough guys, The only problem is that I have long hair that I refuse to cut and I'm not allowed to wear a hat. Does anyone know a hair style or tutorial i could use? Or a place to buy a cheap wig? I would prefer not to buy a wig but I'll do what I have too.

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    You could get your hair cornrowed! :]

    If you do it all the way back.

    Source(s): <----Tht's a Tutorial.
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    get a nice pixie cut if you are tall or skinny. if you are short and curvy dont get a pixie cut.. or if you have short hair then use XTRA gel to put it up and pat it down. but a nice pixie cut would look nice and it would be a hairstyle that it unisex! but if i were you i would just get a wig from your costume compartment in your theatre. in my theatre we have a costume den for assescories and stuff. but if u relllyyyy dont wanna cut ur hair then buy a nice boy wig. perhaps a dark brown then they wont pay much attention to you and notice that u are a girl wearing a wig :) good luck i hope this info was useful:)

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    Maybe you can try putting it in a really really flat bun. Like pin the bun down and try to blend it in with your hair. But if that doesn't work I think you may have to go with a wig. You can usually get a cheap one at a costume store or a party store or maybe off like or something.

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    faux bob tutorial--

    Youtube thumbnail

    super cheap wig (maybe give it a little haircut? haha)--

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