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Is it worth it? Medicine?

Is studying medicine worth the long years and the competition?

It's getting so much harder and all this studying is just to have the name "doctor" even though any person could learn to be a doctor by reading books and doing some work experience, why the hassle?

I for one hate university but I love education, I love to learn I just don't like the system of school, I don't want to regurgitate facts. Do everybody have to follow the cycle of:

Going to college, passing, going to university, passing, getting a job, getting paid, having a family, then your kids do the same all for...the money? If I study for medicine I sure won't do it for the money, just from my heart because I love helping people.

But guess what? My school doesn't give me the opportunity to do sciences because I'm not good at exams, not everyone will be good at exams and school just determines how good you are by the exam results and that's the main problem. Since I'm not good at exams, they made me do coursework yet no one cares for BTEC even the teacher in my college said that when I was taking my interview to apply.

How do you see it?

Please respect my opinion,I am no way condoning drop outs whos intentions are do leave school cos they hate learning/studying. I condone dropping out if they feel that school is not for them and trust me,it's not for everyone. We're all different, however knowledge must carry on with or without school. I prefer independent learning because learning in school is regurgitating facts and using it on an exam that may never help in life.

Thank you in advance.

(Btw how old do you think I am)


Thank you @Egon, your reply was beautiful and I'm glad you understand me, I love that example, it makes absolute sense. But I'm just wondering how these famous drop outs got to be successful? It's interesting, I'm not sure why but my heart tells me that I shouldn't follow the circle, it's not me. I will never be happy with that.

Update 2:

@IntoMyHeartYouWhisper No, I do not think most reliable doctors earn their profession for the sake of having the title "doctor", I applaud them for their hard work which not everyone can do. Not me, it's not something I want to do. I'm guessing,you haven't quite understood me there.

I'm 15 btw, I'm just confused, very confused about the future.

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    hmmm. I really enjoyed what you wrote. You see, what you say about the circle is absolutely right.

    Before going to a university, the reason I wanted to go, was because I thought it was a place where people who have certain education and passion about a subject are working all together to achieve the best possible.

    The reality is that it is just partying. Partying and drinking. Two things that I want to stay away from.

    However, the reason why people decide to go for this circle is because they, we, feel more secure. I can give you an example. If you ever go for hiking to reach a very high peak, you will find yourself more confident walking "on the steps" of someone else, because you know that it is more stable than risking stepping somewhere that there is no footstep and could collapse. However, on the other hand, if a step has been overly stepped then it becomes deeper and deeper and more uncomfortable therefor I am implying that there is no 100% what will happen.

    Yes I agree that you can get more education by not going to a university. But what then? who is going to hire you? University is a business. Schools are business.

    Afterall, I remember an article I was reading with the richest and most successful people on earth right now. Many of those did not graduate from college.

    But always remember, as long as you breath, there is no wrong choice and the only reason i exclude death from a right choice is because I do not know what it follows.

  • Do You think the most reliable doctors earned their professions for the sake of having the status symbol as a known doctor? If Your answer is Yes, then there will be greater doctors than You are.

    Take the course that will enrich Your being and greater pursuit for the love that You feel sharing it to others...

    Brilliant people themselves learn from not being good as well. We all struggle from some failures, weaknesses and mistakes to achieve brilliancy!

    Best of luck...!

    You're old enough to know..: ) But confused as a little child, at times.

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