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I'm a girl and I can't do the chair lift Challenge.. HELP!?

Ok.. So you know the thing where you stand back against the wall and your your butt and legs have to be touching?? I can't really explain it.. If you don't know what I am talking about just look it up:) anyway, girls are supposed to be able to do it and boys can't. Built says that ALL girls can do it and ALL boys can't. It's not like the chair was heavy or anything cuz it wasn't.. But I just want to know what about me is different! Like why can other girls do it but I can't. It says that girls have all there balance in there hips and all boys have it in there chest or something like that. Am I made different than other girls?? I look like a regular girl and everything. Lol

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    The science behind this is that for girls our center of gravity is higher then men's (hip positioning).

    I'm going to guess that the reason this did not work for you is because you are shorter than your female friends.

    The task requires that the distance you stand from the wall be about 2 of your feet lengths from the wall. If someone with larger feet (usually taller than you) set the distance then your center of gravity is being set up incorrectly.

    Just a guess from a quick read of the link below and a little bit of thought got me to that conclusion

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