How to put pictures from iPod Touch 4th Gen. onto computer?

I have a HP vs17 desktop computer. My iPod isn't even detected when I plug it in. I want to restore my iPod but I want to take out the old pics I have first. Help please!


It's too much work to email it all, I have 3000 pics.

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  • 7 years ago
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    if your computer cant detect the ipod i would email them to myself and save them on the computer. and for the restore since your computer wont recognize the ipod your going to have to put it in DFU mode.


    you could try it on another computer or delete the drivers for the iPod go to (control panel>hardware device>management universal>serial bus controller and uninstall the apple mobile device usb driver) then just plug your ipod in the computer and see if it starts install the software again

  • 4 years ago

    As webjnke1 reported, it somewhat is in all probability going to be maximum handy to attach your image to an e mail and open it up on your iPod touch. Press and carry image > shop to digicam Roll > circulate to digicam Roll (photographs app) > locate the image you only stored > Press the arrow icon interior the decrease left corner > Use as Wallpaper > Set the photograph as your lock show, your place show, or the two i'm hoping this helps.

  • 7 years ago

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    First before anything you need to list your music to be transferring to your iPod Touch, follow these steps right now.

    • Connect your iPod to the PC.

    • open iTunes.

    (Download iTunes from here

    • and you have iTunes open you go to the bottom left where the playlists (the 25 best heard, my favorite music, etc) no one called ITUNES DJ, in that you place your music but before you appear a message or give you instruction and continue

    • then will proceed to put all the music in that folder "ITUNES DJ".

    • having done all that you should go to your iPod (in iTunes) and give click, accurate summary of your iPod but top there are categories and giving you that says music.

    • After you enable the option that says sync music.

    • after you get off where you can see the information on the capacity of your iPod and finally give in and synchronization application.

    Ready! Make able to sync your music! :).

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