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If i wear a Panty Liner, and i don't sleep with panties on, do I put my panties in the hamper?

I'm a 16 year old girl, and i have to wear panty liners everyday. At night, i don't sleep with panties on. I take a shower every other day. I'm not sure if i need to put my panties in the hamper if i don't sleep with them on. Im confused. I don't want to put clean panties in the hamper.

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    Well. I understand were your coming from. It not like your ******** is on the panty it on the panty-liner. Therefore the panty seat is clean. I say where the panty for 3 days the most and then throw it in the hamper because your booty is still in the panty and booty germs can cause infections.

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    Not sure how to answer this. :)

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