Did Sephiroth believe he was an Ancient?

Someone brought this to may attention saying that's one of the reasons he went berserk. That he thought the humans had betrayed his race, the ancients/Cetras. Is this true? Did he ever find out he wasn't one?

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    -------SPOILERS THROUGHOUT-------

    Hojo always told Sephiroth that Jenova was his mother, even though Jenova is an ancient monster.

    All humans were Ancients at one point, but when they stopped doing the journeys and settled down in villages they lost their powers to communicate with the planet, thereby changing from "Ancient" to "Human".

    History books mistakenly refer to Jenova as an Ancient, she is ancient, but not in the way the Cetra were.

    Sephiroth completely believed Jenova was his mother, that Jenova was an ancient and that he was an ancient, but since he got "killed" by Zack and Cloud (when he got thrown into the Mako Reactor) he never had the time to realise he wasn't an ancient.

    He got carried in the lifestream to the Norther Crater and frozen in materia. His will through the lifestream caused Jenova to react (and what makes Jenova appear as Sephiroth through the game). This is also how his "remnants" with Jenova cells gather to him, the Jenova cells reacting to his will.

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    Sephiroth was the child of Dr. Hojo and Lucrecia Crescent and he was injected with Jenova cells before he was born and Jenova was an extraterrestrial being who was mistaken for an ancient and that is why Sephiroth thoguth he was ancient

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