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why is Asking Alexandria's morte et dabo hated by Christians?

its a Asking Alexandria Song listen to it. read the lyrics and tell me why. i think it describes a perfect athest. tell what you think unfiltered. both religious and others please.



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    Because Asking Alexandria sucks in general.

    "i think it describes a perfect athest"

    Be careful not to turn atheism into a religion. Atheism is merely lack of belief in gods. Therefore, a "prefect atheist" would just need to lack belief in gods. Anything else is just extra.

    Source(s): Atheist, fan of good music
  • Cindy
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    7 years ago

    Is English your first language? If not, you did very well with that question. Otherwise, well, I'm astounded by the intellectual weight of the atheist fringe here at YA.

  • John
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    7 years ago

    Sorry I've never heard of him so I can't judge. I am a Christian from the UK

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