School dress code: making cute outfits with strict dress code?

Okay so at my school we wear the same thing everyday and i am SICK and TIRED of it. I look so boring all the time and I could use some help. Heres my dress code:

-all shirts must a have a collar and sleeves (no sheer tops)

-knee length skirts and shorts

-denim and khakis only, no leggings/sweatpants

-if you're wearing an overshirt it can't be lace or sheer (tell me that isn't the stupidest rule you've ever heard)

Could you just give me a couple outfit ideas ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    a denim shirt-- medium wash. leave it open and wear any cami/tank (you can always button it back up if they say something) with either white or black skinny jeans. wear sperry's, converse, or vans.

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