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What can I do to help my hair, i dyed it and it didn't come out the way I expected PLEASE HELP ME :"(?

Okay so I had very dark brown hair with blond ends (ombre) for a while and two days ago I attemptes to dye it a light brown and ended up with very light roots dark ends but the middle of my hair stayed them same I didnt leave the dye long enough(i used a gloden brown dye with some littneing powder 30 devolper). So the next day I dyed it again with an ash blonde dye with some ligtening powder and it turned an orange brassy bryan with yellowish blonde bits every where and bits of my natrual color . Plead help my hair is rough at the ends what can I do can I dye it now or would it make it worse and if I can what color to dye to get the ash brown I want and what can I do to restength my hair . Please help im in desperate need for help . Pass expirences are welcome :'/

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    I just learned this in cosmetology! If your hair is already dyed, you cannot take the hair lighter without using bleach. So if your hair was dark brown and you put light brown in it, it won't do anything. You have to pull the color out with bleach, just on the mid shaft. Ombre'd ends and roots last! The color took on your roots because they are natural. You can do anything you want with natural hair. I recommend dying your whole head the dark brown you already had, and then starting over after a couple weeks with the bleach. Remember, when using bleach, roots last!!!

    Source(s): cosmetologist for 2 years.
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    attempt utilising anti-dandruff shampoo apparently that basically takes each thing out of your hair or a clarifying shampoo, Be warned it is going to kinda take out lots of the moisture and stuff yet further time it is going to fade the colour dramatically

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    it depends on where you live... i once died my hair and it turned out a terrible colour! so i died it black ( which is what u should do) and then the sun will lighten your hair. if there is not much sun where you live then dye it black wait awhile because black is still a nice colour then dye it brown. When i died my hair black, it lightened and became light brown. then i turned it into a nice ombre with this spray that you put on your tips and then straighten. make sure you dont dye it too many times @ once becuz it is not healthy for your hair. i hope this info was useful :)

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