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I'm 20 and currently working to save up for a car and for college in the fall. So sadly i'm still living with my parents, and right now I wouldn't be financially stable to live with someone or on my own. So since my food stamps are going away because I'm working my dad expects me to pay him 250 a month, and I have to pay my orthodontists a 100 a month for my braces. The plan was my dad was going to get a $2,000 loan but his gf said its not worth it because of the interest. So now I have to save up $4,000 for this car thats practically waiting for me to buy it and I dont want another car. I am currently using my sisters car but the back tires are ready to pop but she's not working to get new ones because she is currently moving. My dad has no care to help get new ones, my job is 35 minutes away and he doesn't care what I get there with as long as im getting paid to pay him a month. So now my hopes of getting the car sooner just blew up in flames and im scared my sisters car will get a blowout and i'll end hurting myself and someone else.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It sounds like you just might have enough to get your sister's car repaired. She'll be grateful for it, you won't end up hurting anyone, and you will have bought yourself more time to save up for that awesome car.

    Best of luck!

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