Why am I so shy?! I need good answers please!!!?

I've been a shy person since I was a toddler, and it's still going on now! I'm too scared to raise my hand in my classes, talk to older kids, and especially when it comes to dating! How can I get it over with?

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    7 years ago
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    You did not say how old you are -

    Being shy is usually due to genetics (are your parents shy?) - or lack of confidence - or feeling socially inept or having an anxiety disorder -

    Most shyness comes from not being put into situations where you can succeed - I know that sounds simple - but bear with me -

    As with most things in life - you usually have at least 2 options -

    Try to think about when you are most "shy" - you said raising your hand in class - So, what will happen it if you do? 1) you may be ignored 2) you may be called on to answer the question - so, if someone else is called on - you put your hand down - (big deal) - and if you are called on - you answer the question -

    so - (2 options) - If the answer is correct - great, If it is not - (big deal- you're not the only one who has answered a question wrong) -

    If you are wrong - what will happen? the teacher will say - no, that's incorrect -( and

    learn why and know the answer the next time )-Next time you will be more confident - because you know the answer -

    Success breeds confidence -- (did you read that?) - Success breeds confidence!!!

    Everytime you go out of your "comfort zone" - and succeed - you will gain confidence - and confidence will overcome shyness - "Role playing" or scenarios - also prepare you are possible events - and you will already know how you are going to handle the situation - (just like I did above- with raising your hand) -

    When talking to others - look them in the eye! not at your feet -

    Remember these pointers - a) not everyone is going to like you - and that is OK - some people will~

    b) If you have an opinion -- voice it and be able to back it up with information. (confidence) -

    c) When meeting someone - if someone extends their hand - shake firmly, confidently, and look them in the eye - (try to remember their name )-"And say - so nice to meet you" - Nice to see your again -or whatever is appropriate - don't mumble - (Ask a parent to help you "role play" )

    d) Hold your head up and shoulders back - looking confident is half the battle -

    e) They can't eat you!!! (This is my way of saying - anything that you do -even if it doesn't work out - chances are, the world will not end - they are just other people - (and as long as you're not in Africa or some bush country) - the worst that will happen, is you might be embarassed - but chances are, they won't eat you!

    Once you are more socially at ease - your confidence will attract people to you -

    If you continue to have shyness to the point of being socially incapable of functioning - talk with your school counselor and parents about getting some counseling -

    Best of Luck ,sweetie -

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    I'm the same way, and I think it comes from insecurity. If you believe your shy, you are. If you believe your confident, and pretty, you are. Just try to look in the mirror, and think positive things about yourself, and reasons you shouldn't be shy. Hope this helps :)

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