i am separated by my husband but not legally..?

i am 22 years old and i got married on the year 2011 (i was 20 years old that time). our marriage did not work and we got separated last year 2012. my husband left me. i am living in the Philippines and now my husband is in abroad (Saudi). we have no communications. living with him and his family before was the worst part of my life. and now i am moving on with my life after that very painful experience. i met an American shoulder who helps me a lot specially on comporting me and believing on myself, picking up again all my dreams and inspired me again. he become a best friend to me. he went here in my country to see me and met my family. and he is coming back next month too. we want to get married but the problem is my married here is still existing. i have a passport and i get it year ago using my husband's last name.

please let me know what is the best thing we can do so i can travel in his country and live with him. aside from annulment what is the best thing to do. Annulment process in the Philippines takes so many years and there is no assurance that the judges will grant the petition because PHL Judge are pro marriage and aside from that only rich petitioners can afford to make the annulment quick. annulment in the PHL is very expensive and no assurance. please advice us what is the best thing we can do and what types of visa am i going to apply. thanks

more power and God speed.

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    7 years ago
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    You must live with the AMERICAN man.Because man has to live with those person to whom they love because nothing is fair in love and war.

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