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Stretch mark tips?... please help! *Urgent*?

*please take time reading this and answer a good question*

Im 14 and I've had red/nudeish stretch marks for about a year or so now. They're on my inner thighs (both 2 inches long on each side), my hips, "love handels", and boobs (don't joke). Since summers coming up I would really like it if I can get rid of or make my stretch marks less visible. It hurts knowing I can't wear bikini bottoms or "short" shorts because I'm embarrassed.

I've already tried using a exfoliating puff and coco butter.

If you've heard of tips or effectively gotten rid (or made less visible) or your stretch marks PLEASE leave some tips. I hate missing out on having fun with my friends during the summer :(

Thanks for everything! :)

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    Hey! First of all I'm 16, and I feel for you, I was probably around your age when I first noticed I had stretch marks, and I'm pretty sure I asked a question exactly like this.

    Sadly there isn't much you can do. You best bet would be bio oil - I have never used it myself but I know people who have and people on the internet say it's quite effective, although I also hear it can be a bit pricy. If you don't want to buy it, just use normal moisturizer and keep on using that, but they will never fully go away :(

    I eventually faced up to it and made myself stop caring. No one is going to see your boobs, and even if you wear shorts, no one will see or take notice of your thighs, trust me! I have them in the same places as you - as for your hips, don't worry about it! I know you're self conscious but that's only because they're really obvious to you. Honestly, other people won't notice, and even if they do, who really cares? Stretch marks are something all women have to deal with. Just carry on moisturizing :D

    Another tip I discovered that is important; if you moisturize even with average normal moisturizer the second you discover a new stretch mark, it will make it so so much less visible or even make it completely invisible. So keep a look out for new ones and moisturize them asap!

    Be confident that you're beautiful, that's the best way to tackle these sorts of problems. I hope I've helped!

    Source(s): Experience :)
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