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Does he like me back?

This is going to be kinda long.I have had a crush on this guy since freshman year. I am a junior in high school. Saturday night was prom night and I went with a friend, he went with a group (but he had no date). He is a very mellow guy so I never imagined him going to prom. I saw him on the dance floor and was like "what are you doing here?" (like I said, not the type of guy that would go to prom, or so I thought) he was like "what do you think im doing here?" and he grabbed my hand and started dancing with me. my friend was next to me and he did the same to her. then he did it to me again and we finished the song. After the dance, me and my friend went to go sit down and I told her how I had a crush on him. I wanted him to know but I was too scared to tell him so my friend went to him and said "Hey she is interested in you. I think you should dance with her" from what I heard he smiled and said "ok" then he went looking for me. he found me sitting down and we talked for a while. he grabbed my hand again and led me to the dance floor. we dance for a while then he waved at me and danced into the crowd. so he kinda ditched me haha. later he was sitting at a table in front of me and I was waiting for a slow song. in school we poke each other in the side randomly so I decided to do it then. when the slow song came on I poked him and he looked up and smiled at me. I told him "come on lets go!" and he was like "why didn't you just say so? or grab my hand?" and I told him "ok let me do it right this time." and I held out my hand. he got up and took me by the shoulders and led me to the dancefloor. I never really danced to a slow song so I was like "how do we do this?" and he was like "I don't know it looks like you have to be in love" and then he took my hands and started to dance. that was basically it for prom. the next time we saw each other in school, I saw him and smiled and said hi and he smiled and said hi. and I looked at him in chemistry to only find him looking at me already. our eyes met for like 5 sec then he looked away. Im wondering if he feels anything for me. he knows I like him and he still danced with me. will he make a move? is he waiting for me? how should I act in front of him? I don't know what to do. but I do know that my feelings for him have increased! any advice?

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    Well first of all, if he didn't like you he wouldn't make it seem like he did with him grabbing your hand and dancing with you and everything. I would go up to him and tell him that you've had a crush on him for some time and see what he says. He might not make the move or he might, but if you want to know now then I suggest you be the bigger person and go up to him and tell him that you like him. But it does sound like he has interest in you.

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    yes .....:-)

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