Y do females allow themselves to get pregnant when they know the burden is on them? Do guys consider that?

their responsibility too? Or do you think a woman should try harder to prevent pregnancy?

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  • LizB
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    7 years ago
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    People need to take responsibility for themselves, so if a man does not want to be a father, then he needs to wear a condom EVERY time he has sex and regardless of what his partner says she's on. Even when birth control is taken correctly it can still fail, so if neither partner wants kids, it shouldn't be only one person's responsibility.

  • 7 years ago

    As far as I'm concerned, a real man would step up to the plate and accept responsibility too. Child raising should be 50/50. The way I see it, it takes two to tango. If the man did half the work to get her pregnant, half the responsibility for taking care of that child is his. On the same note, I see too many women-girls that think they have to have a ton of kids so they get money from the state. I also hear a lot of,"I want another one". What the heck is wrong with the one or ones they already have?

  • Some girls think it's gonna be fun and easy, and they think that the guy that they did "it" with is going help them through out the pregnancy, some guys do some guys don't. But girls just like the idea of getting a child, but when the child comes they're stressed out and don't know what to do with their lives anymore. I think that if ur not ready to have a child u shouldn't have it, not just because ur friends have a child that means u should. When u get the child it's going to be ur responsibility not ur friends.

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    Sometimes they see other women with kids and they think it's all a bed of roses. They fail to think about the consequences and implications about being a parent, especially if they're single and have no job or way to support themselves. This is very sad because they are unprepared for the huge task of motherhood, and they later regret. They can't be the parent they thought they could be. Financially, emotionally, etc. I wish women would really think about that before they got themselves pregnant. Their children grow up without the basic necessities met (proper food and shelter, emotional stability, etc).

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  • 7 years ago

    I don't know. Some girls do it on purpose. It's crazy. I think girls think it's going to be an easy ride, but it never is. Also some girls have the attuitude that they will never get pregnant, but they do

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