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PS2 memory card won't go into slot?

Like it'll go into slot 2 but it won't insert in slot 1 :\

It's really weird and just started happening after I took a memory card out of slot 1 ...

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    Take the memory card out of slot 2 and then get a flash light and look into both memory card slots to compare the two. Perhaps the receiving end that the card fits into is broken. Or there could be heavy dust accumulation or a piece of debris inside. If that's the case, just blow it out. If the slot is broken, well that's another problem...

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    the sport could say that there is totally 8mb loose, on account this is the utmost length for the actual launch Sony memory card. attempt commencing your PS2 without sport in the strain, and placed across up the browser, then decide on your memory card, and notice what it says there. If it does not say 64mb there, then you definitely could desire to take it back to the save and replace it, yet no longer earlier interpreting the learning - there may well be some trick to creating use of it. The psa million memory taking part in cards like this had a button you may press to alter between "pages".

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    I have the same problem, it just opens a little bit but you can t see what s inside. Were you able to figure it out?

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