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Is it legal to take money for advice(non-cert)? Posting that on CL?

If I'm not a certified psychologist, can I post an ad on craigslist offering advice and hearing people out for money?

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    You could be arrested for practicing without a license, as well as charged with fraud.

    In addition, if anyone took your advice and proceeded to get into trouble, they could come back at your for that as well. The family of someone who consequently committed suicide or failed to get real needed help could sue you in civil court, as well as have you charged for contributing to their death or injury.

    Do you really think people go through all that schooling just so they have a cool certificate on the wall?

    Hardly. They also carry malpractice insurance.

    Bottom line, this would be shut down in a heartbeat by Craig's List, and then you would still be arrested.

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