what do you think would go with my face and or body type?

So i'm skinny, like really skinny ._. I am Spanish and Mexican. I have brown hair and i'm 5'3. I'm trying to change my style, if you could maybe help me with some different styles might go good with me? HELP. <3

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    you don't have to go skin-tight all the time, but avoid really boxy cuts that will hide your figure and make you look heavier than you are. emphasize your waist - it'll give you a sexy hourglass figure, and if your waist is thin (unlike a lot of girls'), you might as well show it off. what kind of style/fashion you want to wear is up to you and depends on your personality. and as for clothing shapes, you really have a lot of options.

    Source(s): another 5'3" skinny girl <3
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    I might go really good with you. ;-}

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