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Violin sheet music suggestions?

I've played the violin for 2 years and practice a couple times each week so I'm gonna audition for an orchestra. The problem is its next week so I have to find sheet music that's a minute long. Any suggestions of music pieces that are easy to learn?

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  • Jenny
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    7 years ago
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    A big choice of violin sheet music there. Of all levels of difficulty.

  • roath
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    4 years ago

    Do you own a KUN? Cuz if you don't that maybe why you're gritting your teeth. Otherwise, i make tons of funny faces after I play violin, however when I center of attention too much on breaking that, i lose my efficiency... Virtually, go on YouTube and watch this one man, Maxim Vengerov...He makes the silliest faces when he plays hungarian dance lol :) i frequently rosin my bow unless after I flick the hairs i will see an amoutn of dust poof off (now not very certain i do know...) song strategies...It relies what degree u are at, however i just carried out Mozart's concerto #three, 1st motion (i'm 15 yrs historic) and it is rather fun. Hope this helps!

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