Is it illegal to take picture of a dead person at a obituary thing the day before the funeral?

Someone died that I knew and I couldn't make it to the obituary thing so i asked her to take a picture of her and she said she would. Later she says that she got kicked out because the funeral lady and police kicked her out and told her it was illegal to take a picture of a dead person.

So is it illegal or was she kicked out for no reason or what?


I would rather not call anyone cause my friend is still a bit shaken up about it.

I noticed someone said something about relatives, and no shes not a relative.

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    I don't think it's illegal - I could be wrong. I have pics of my mom in her casket, and back in the old days (really old) folks used to paint, yes paint, pictures of their dead relatives. THe bodies were freshly dead. Or not.

    Maybe because the person who took the pics wasn't a relative? I'd call a police station in your state and ask them.

  • Not illegal. Just creepy. My dad takes photos at family funerals, as part of his geneology hobby. Seems weird to me, but nobody's ever complained.

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