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i have a theory about the formation of galaxies and want to hear you opinions on it?

when you hear in science class that stars and their surrounding planets are formed from super novas have you ever wondered how galaxies group together. i believe in the beginning of the history of the universe all of the hydrogen, helium, and small amount of lithium were close together and could group up into star formation rather quickly. would it be possible that these dense, young clouds of matter could group together and form MASSIVE stars and, since larger stars burn quicker, explode and, with an explosion large enough, spread out heavier element over an area the size of a galaxy?

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    Not at all. All the known galaxy clusters, and their constituent cosmological bodies, were formed early on in the universe from the very early stars which were made of Helium and Hydrogen. Gravity and Newtons laws of Motion takes over after that. It is speculated that the center of galaxies hold super massive black holes. Those are theorized to be the foundation of every galaxy in the Universe.

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    Hmm... don't think so.

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