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Dark Knight is a dark, action-packed movie about Batman’s struggles to understand his identity. As he works to overcome past traumas, including loved ones lost, he has to balance his duty of protecting the citizens of Gotham City. This plagues the mind of the caped hero, as he becomes a legend before his own eyes.

Dark Knight is the story behind a man named Bruce Wayne who first started down a path of justice as a result of witnessing the death of his parents at the age of eight.

When an armed mugger killed both of his parents in an alley, Bruce was left traumatized which left the first imprint of becoming Batman.

Growing up in a wealthy family and graduating from top colleges in America, he soon learned that being a wealthy playboy was not what life should be about when the crime boss known as Carmine Falcone taught him the difference between justice and revenge.

Understanding this Batman sets out a journey across the world in better understanding himself and his purpose for the next seven years. The story of Batman connects with so many people on so many levels particularly toward people holding on to the past and being isolated in a sense from the world into discovering who you are and what actions needs to be done.

Batman Begins has very sharp special effects and a deep gritty yet dark undertone about the story of Bruce Wayne and how he becomes the Batman. While traveling the world he learns from criminals along the way and is thrown into prison by police from China. After a major prison brawl he is introduced to Ducard who invites Bruce to join the League of Shadows while under Ducard training Bruce learned martial arts and his overcome fear of bats. After learning from Ducard and the Asian League of Shadows, Ducard confronts Bruce into killing a murderer for the final test of initiation but refuses as Bruce simply walk away. Bruce then destroys the headquarters of the League of Shadows and in the process saves Ducard (Bruce mentor) from the burning wreckage and leaving him at a village nearby before departing. For the Next twenty years Bruce returns back to Gotham city where he is faced with Criminals such as the scarecrow that tries to poison Gotham through the water pipes. Facing the new threat by a villain who goes by the name scarecrow and old enemies such as the League of shadows with Ducard leading the group himself Batman becomes victorious in the all out justice of saving Gotham City and becoming a hero in front of people’s eyes. Nothing cherry or uplifting about this dark Knight as it explores the inner mind and path that Bruce Wayne has to undertake in his guilt of his parents death and connections with the bats that brings this story to life.

Batman becomes a public hero and gains control over Wayne Enterprises, which in all gives the signifying theme toward the whole movie that many young generations and older generations came to love and grow with. The Movie is very dark, compelling and very articulate to many fans and viewers of the first chapter of the Batman trilogy. One person by the name of William Arnold who is a movie critic of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer stated, “Technically, the film is consistently impressive. It creates a grimly gothic vision of a crime-ridden and depression-ravaged Gotham City, a dandy pair of chase sequences involving the new generation Bat mobile and a range of innovative visual effects.”

Christopher Nolan’s input into this marvelous story and origins of the Caped Crusader gives a great insight through the story plot and structure. Having a strong cast and ominous plot the Batman Begins enthralls audiences worldwide meeting overall expectations.

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