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Why is it people always say that its not a good idea to brawl with manny pacquiao?

Why and why not?


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    Novice Hakeem,

    The very last thing a fighter loses at the end of his/her career is power and although in my opinion Manny is way past shot, he still has tremendous power. Standing there trading blow for blow with Manny is not a good idea. The one bonus to sitting there and banging in out with Manny would be, one might catch him with a shot that would hurt him and quite possibly put him out, because Marquez punched that ticket and that ticket is full.

  • Trading with Pacquiao is a big No No.The best way to beat Manny is to use text book boxing skills.Attack his weak spots.

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    because pacquiao's combinations are second to none.his combination of speed and power is devastating.

    marquez didn't throw caution to the wind and just brawl.marquez is a counter puncher that was able to land cleaner in the exchanges alot of the time.

    brawling is different.brawling is throwing caution to the wind and taking punishment in order to land your own

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    Manny's comfortable when he's brawling with someone, if you brawl him then you are just enabling him to brawl.

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    because pacquaio has adapted his game. when he first started on the pro scene, he would brawl and go toe to toe. he's comfortable fighting like that and also he has/had incredible speed so it would be hard to beat him to the punch on the inside

  • Mzsk
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    7 years ago

    because of his great ability to ko opponents with either hand early on in fights....therefore you will 99% of the time come off as the loser...possible exception is naseem hamed- even bigger puncher.

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    Obiously they didnt see the brawl pacquio had with marquez .. So i guess its not a good idea unless you want to leave him face down knockdout... Sorry but hes washed up ..

  • 7 years ago

    Because he has fast hands with KO power in both hands.

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