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What Language should I learn?

I already know English AND I CAN'T STAND SPANISH. Not racist or anything but I had 2 years in high school and I can't stand it. I also don't plan to visit any Hispanic countries. Any who just something that is very useful. I was thinking German because I wanted to go to Germany, but if Japanese or Chinese are more transferable, then whatever. Just give pros.

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    Japanese!! I learned it preferably because I love the language. Chinese is the number one spoken language in the world. You may want to learn that. But it depends on what you are using it for, and where you might live in the future.

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    German is good because it comes from the same family of languages as English, there are many similar words between english and german and it is good for work because there is a lot of German's companies which demand German speakers

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    Source(s): I'm learning Korean!
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