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I need some other Christian's perspectives on this? I tried to test one of my friendships?

Alright, let me try to break this down without it being too long. Basically:

-me and one of my best friends are both struggling with something similar, we're real close like brothers. The thing we're struggling with is both faith and drug related. Hard to explain. We are both serious about our faith though, so I wanted another Christian's perspective

-we're in different states so only keep in touch through text/calls

-usually stay in touch every week to see how we're doing

-well the past month he hasn't responded to my messages at all

-made me feel concerned, ignored, and confused

-i went 3 weeks without contact to give him some space

-after 3 weeks i tried to contact him again, no answer

-i began to doubt our friendship so the other day i came up with the idea to text him about how i gave in to my struggle (when i really didn't), basically the worst possible scenario, to get a reaction out of him. Think of something really really bad, and let's just say I did that.

-well it worked and i got the exact response i wanted to see, really reaffirmed our friendship

-i'm supposed to call him tonight, where i'm going to tell him it was all a lie and that i only did it because i was having doubts that he was as good of a friend i thought he was. and to see if he'd still be there even if i messed up big time. basically i was testing our friendship

I feel like I made a mistake though. Like I feel really petty. I'm not usually one to start drama like this. But I really was starting to feel like he wasn't really there for me anymore, and I wanted to know. Anyways, I know I'm in for a pretty awkward conversation tonight when I tell him it was all a lie. I already have a good idea of how to handle it but I wanted to see if anyone else had any advice on what to say to make this easier and to make sure he doesn't get more mad than he already will be

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    Honesty is always the best Policy.

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    I think you should simply tell the truth. He will probably be upset but you were concerned which I think is noble. No body likes being ignored for a period of time. Maybe you should not have gone the dramatic route, but you still wanted to speak with him. Hopefully someone gives better advice than me I am not too good with this.

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