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What are some good marine officer jobs?

Is being a ground officer a good job? Are u out in the field 24/7 sleeping or in tents or do you go back to base. Is being in the air better? Do they have air combat jobs? All answers and recommendations are appreciated.

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    Every MOS available to a Marine Officer is a good job! What makes it "better" is if the Marine Officer has an interest in that particular MOS.

    Over 27 years, I have had several MOSs: Airborne Reconnaissance Officer (RF-4 aircrew); Aircraft Maintenance Officer; Aviation Supply Officer; Weapons Range Officer (ran a weapons range to train to fire smallarms weapons and for requal); Operations Analyst; Acquisition Officer (in operational test and evaluation); Squadron Intell Officer; plus one more that I have forgotten over the years.

    A Marine Officer starts in one Primary MOS. After a couple of years in that MOS (or sometimes sooner as in my case), an officer can pick up two secondary MOSs (e.g. my primary was airborne recon officer and I had aviation maint and aviation supply secondaries. This means that I flew as an RF-4 phantom aircrew up to 3 flights per day (sorties) and when on the ground, I oversaw my 67 man aircraft maintenance division activities (my BS degree was Aerospace Engineering). On the side I worked with Air Group supply officer to get aircraft spare parts and materiel expedited (I was a prior-enlisted aviation supply Marine - so I knew the ins and outs). Later, I was assigned a Fleet Assistance Program (FAP) job as weapons range officer for about a year. I picked up that MOS as well and my aviation supply officer MOS dropped off (I was school trained maintenance officer so that one stuck my entire career). I also had a 6 month stint as the squadron Intell Officer until we got a school trained one - that dropped off my weapon range officer secondary MOS. Later I went to Naval Postgrad School where I received my MS degree. I was then assigned to HQMC in a special MOS for Operations Analyst. This dropped off my Intell Officer MOS. Later just before I retired I was annointed as an Acquisition Officer due to my 4 years in Operational Test and Evaluation. After I retired, none of my MOSs mattered BUT the experience that I gained got me a top paying, high profile job contracting with the Pentagon.

    Air Combat jobs is any MOS that is a pilot, Naval Flight Officer (NFO), airborne gunner, or aircrewman. All Marine Corps aircraft operate in combat zones supporting our ground forces.

    Lieutenant Colonel, U S Marine Corps-Retired

    PS: NO neither ground combat officers or their troops are in the boonies all the time. There is a lot of maintenance and training that must be done while in garrison (not in the field).

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    So ... you will flow to the "regularly occurring public" for suggestions on being a Marine Corps Officer fairly than basically ask between the Marines you artwork around? you will do basically peachy..... I advise heavily, you artwork around Marine and army officers who will all be greater advantageous than prepared to furnish suggestion and coaching, and you're at present a serving Servicemember who ought to comprehend that genuinely the only jobs a uniformed lady at present can no longer do are those concerning direct try against with the enemy, and you need to come back right here to ask your question? EDIT: while you're in Hampton Roads, then march over to Camp Allen and flow to the HQs Battalion and ask the 1st guy with vivid stuff on his collar; or come over to my abode and that i'll permit you talk to the Marine who lives down the line from me.

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