What size amp will I need for my car?

my stereo is 200 Watts (50 x 4).

I have already installed some 4 x 6 two way front speakers, which are 4 Ohm and 180 Watts.

I literally just bought some 6 x 9 three way rear speakers, which are 450 Watts Max, 90 Watts rms per pair. These are not installed yet, but I'm assuming it should be fine? Or do I need to run those to an amp?

Suppose I get two 10" subs at about 1000 watts each... What size amp do I need for these?

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  • 7 years ago
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    not an all knowing kind of guy but the subs you want to look at the rms and then the rms on the am,p then match it up like ur subs are prob 400 rms then 2 would add up to 800 so get an amp that has thaty has a 1000 waty max but still has a 800 rms watt rating and they should be getting tip top power and go thump thum,p and the speakers I would just hook up and run no extra amp for them they will be fine and you don't wanna blow them besides you have the subs for bass that's all you need have fun tho im doing the same thing now

    I got 2 12 p2 rock ford fosgate subs a Rockford fosgate 1000 watt amp 800 rms on them so mine are perfect ,,,,, then I got a 6.5 and 6x9 Rockford fosgate speakers with a radio that has 50x4 mine sounds awesome so I say run these things I said youll love it

    Source(s): installed same type things today easy fun fast enjoy your tinkering lmfao be cool
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