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If you are a mexican immigrant?

And you hop the border with your Mexican born child who is lets say, 2 years old at the time. You come to the US and live with whoever. If you take it upon yourself as the parent to get your technically illegal child's paper work in order -if you even can thats why im asking this- after the 14 year waiting period will your kid have his or her citizenship by the time they are 16? Is this even possible? Can you as an illegal person with an illegal child take the proper procedures to ensure that your child gets citizenship by taking care of it yourself, instead of waiting till they get older to do it themselves ?

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    as soon as I read this title, I knew "Mexican Immigrant" was liberal code for "illegal alien moocher"

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    One of my cousins jumped ship from Mexico with his parents when he was still a toddler. Made it all the way to cHIGHeTTo. He had to wait, till his parents were both naturalized, and had to wait till his eighteenth birthday. I want to say his parents turned out when he was like fifteen. He, like his parents, had to go to classes and all sorts of chit, to get blessed in. His other two siblings are American by birth, from illegal Mexican parents. So they were blessed in by birth.

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    money can buy anything look what money did for muslim obama

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