i just had sex (i was a virgin)?

my vagaina hurts like a b**** the first time it was in it was very unpleasent... im 14 years old before you people czn judge i was with this guy for 8 months & he never pressured me to do anything .. my question is how long will i be hurting?

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  • Paul R
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    7 years ago

    It's hard to say because we don't know exactly why. Did he engage in foreplay (fooling around, touching you, using his hands to stimulate your vagina so you'd come)?

    If you had an intact hymen it will hurt for a while; that will pass. If you never had anything inside you, never masturbated with your fingers or an object, never used tampons, your vagina is not used to being stretched and will be uncomfortable for a while; it's said that passes after you have sex a few times.

    Also, were you really wet inside? That's 'lubrication' and if you didn't do a lot of that, then your vagina is going to hurt whether it's your first time you have sex or your 100th (or even your 10,000th; little or no lubrication = lots of pain).

    Also, I hope you used contraception. If he used an unlubricated condom, that might additionally be irritating if you didn't lubricate much. Also, you might have an allergy to latex in which case a latex condom would cause you problems (you need to use vinyl condoms if that's the case).

    Don't take it like I'm criticizing you, but this is one of the reasons I don't recommend girls under 15 having sex because they're still developing. If the boy was very vigorous he might have been too hard on you, especially if he was clueless - and he doesn't have to be a virgin to be clueless about sex, lots of supposedly experienced guys don't know that much - and he might not have known how to make sure first-time sex hurts you less. When a girl is very young the guy must be extra careful and more gentle until she knows that she can handle sex okay.

    Also, while if you have a hymen the guy should break it firmly so he gets it in one shot - my understanding is it hurts less than trying to break it slowly - it is a good idea if he's gentler when he's moving inside you the first few times for the exact reason, because you're not used to it and if he had to break your hymen it's going to hurt anyway.

    I suggest if you are still sore after a few (4-5 at most) days - especially if you're not having sex during that period - that you go see your gynecologist (tell your mother you are having female problems and want to discuss it with the doctor since you probably can't just go directly unless you're already set up on your parents health insurance). When you get to the gynecologist, you tell him or her you want to discuss something private. By law the doctor is forbidden to tell your mother what you discuss with them. Then tell them the truth and do they have something so it stops hurting. You might be able to get a topical anesthetic. You might also have something else that's exacerbated by you having sex for the first time, like a yeast infection and your doctor can treat that.

    Of course, if your mother is not going to freak out then you just tell her the truth, you "just became a woman" and you need to see the gynecologist because you're in pain. If you don't have insurance there are free clinics and women's health centers you can see and they're usually on a sliding fee scale and in your case might be free. Your local health department also might have some suggestions.

    Good luck.

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    I hope that you feel better soon. Giving birth to a child will hurt a lot more. Good luck.

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    horrible decision youll most likely regret it

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    Welcome to the world of sinners.

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