Feeling scared because I am worried about a heartattack?

My cholesterol test came back very bad and I go for a stress test next week. My brother died last year after a fatal heartattack a month after he turned 50. I turn fifty in August and am very scared to die. I have a 14 year old I need to finish raising. Any advise?

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  • 7 years ago
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    first off, I would say you should start taking a aspirin a day, just until you get it lowered.Some thing that could make a dramatic difference is eat only a plant based diet. avoid Trans fats, Meat, Saturated fats, oils, bread, beeer, and smoking. You should take veggie vitamins at GMC, like flax seed,Vitamin C, E, D, A, B, and etc@ 1000mg. Also, Sleep well at night, and cut back on stress. I would say exercise, but get the stress test first, and a echo-gram before implementing that into your routine.The first thing the doctor will do is write a you a prescription, take it, but don't take the meds, because its hard to lose weight, and it takes away from your natural function. Also ask the doctor for a urine test to see if your kidney have been damage, this is another reason while blood pressure gets high.

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  • 7 years ago

    Depends how bad is your cholesterol level .....

    My cholesterol level is 497 with an LDL of 412 ....... i was shocked to death when my doctor said i am prone to Stroke......

    I am 28 years old male. I weigh 145 lbs now i have lost few pound due to strict diet and exercise.

    Dont worry too much. I was at your stage when i got the test back... My Blood pressure was 139/87 with Pulse of 101..... i do take simvastatin 40mg right now...

    I have been in a VEGAN diet and jog 5 miles a day straight and push my self to the limit...... sometimes ...

    after 1 and half months my blood pressure is 108/74 Pulse of 74 not bad ... i feel good eventhough i havent't taken my blood test.... no numbness in the fingers or sudden pain in my left chest....

    So the whole point of my story is ... how swiftly are you gonna act on your situation....you can say you will die...yes everyone will die...... This situation was created by your own fault ..but if you want to live healthy try to act fast give up fast food, meat, processed food as well as sugar inflated SODAS, Ice-CReam, Cholate bars, Chips... So that you can see ur family for a long time


    If so contact me .. i will be happy to tell you what i eat everyday what i do for an exercise....

    you should be fine .....

  • James
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    7 years ago

    Do you research on the latest thinking on cholesterol. The HDL cholesterol needs to be raised for good health. The rest of your cholesterol doesn't matter.

    Also look into the paleo diet as a way to maintain good heart health.

  • 5 years ago

    Mine ended up MItral Valve Regurgitation after 7 Dr's counlnt figure it ou because there is no ryme or reason for the pain etc. It came & went as it want;ed. ASk your DR. about mitral valve regurgitation, it is tratable with a baby aspirin a day and if there are any bad days I take 1 nitro tablet. MAKE SURE TO ASK YOUR DR BEFORE DOING ANY TREATMENT>

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