Zach asked in SportsRunning · 8 years ago

why can i run for so freakishly long? i never train or keep up my cardio either....?

i used to be the chubby tall guy that had asthma in elementary school so naturally i couldent play tag or teatherball or get to worked up on anything cause id have to whip out my handy dandy inhaler i out grew asthma by the time i was 13 people tell me you never out grow it you over come it i dont get that but anyways to the point im 20 yrs old now when i was 15 i weighed 250 pounds 5 yrs later in 180 pounds and 5foot10 inchs tall the fat melted off i didnt do a damn thing to loose it either its kinda creepy and also after that occurane starting like 2 yrs bck i can just run and run like im on energizer batteries lol i didnt do anything to boost my cardio either please explain? is thier like some genetic to be a chunky *** kid and when you get older it subsides???

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Maybe your the real life Forrest Gump? Lol just be thankful that you can run for so long ^^ no need to ask why

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    complicated matter research using yahoo and bing this will help

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