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amd vs intel . which is better cpu?

which is faster , better and has longer life . with the price of 3570 k i can get amd one with higher clock . i will use it mainly for gaming and some video editing . why overclockers tend to use amd ?

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    clock speed doesn't directly translate to performance. a 3570k will beat out higher clocked AMD cpu's. if you can afford a 3570k it's an absolute beast at gaming, and beats out every AMD CPU on the market. the fx-8350 however, is just slightly less performance for much less money, which you could put into a better graphics card. if you're planning on overclocking, a small boost in frequency on the 3570k will give huge performance boosts. but if not, you might as well go with the 8350 or a locked intel cpu.

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    In the end it all comes down to personal opinion.

    But i've heard that Intel is better for gaming.

  • 8 years ago

    Intel processors in general are better for gaming...The are more powerful as well as faster.. especially, the i5 and i7- they are considered the top processors for gaming.

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